Connecting thousands of retailers to millions of cardholders through personalised offers

The challenge

At Krowd, we understand that engaging consumers through generic offers does not drive loyalty for banks nor conversions for merchants

The solution

Krowd has built an industry first Customer Acquisition Marketplace (CAM™) that enables offer sourcing at scale by allowing retailers to tactically bid on cardholders in real-time

The CAM's™ tactical capabilities as well as its auction mechanism ensure high value, behaviour changing offers

Krowd augment transaction data with 3rd party data to deliver hyper-personalised offers for small and large merchants

Issuing Banks

Personalised offers distributed by banks are an effective tool in increasing card spend and customer loyalty


Krowd's insights into card transaction data enables retailers to acquire new customers, re-activate dormant customers and increase the share of wallet of existing customers by sending personalised offers through banking & non-banking channels

Acquiring Banks

Krowd's Customer Acquisition Marketplace (CAM™) is a powerful value-added service that can be provided to merchant partners, helping increase footfall and turnover



Up to 75% reduction in
customer churn


Up to 18% increase in
consumer spend


30X ROI on
ad spend


At Krowd, we achieve hyper-personalised high-fidelity choice curation using our proprietary AI technology which is perpetually trained over a wide variety of data classes ranging from public data sets to users' transaction logs

These innovations feed into our proprietary deep learning-based recommendation platform which help unlock revenue pockets not possible using traditional ML based techniques, and finally, enable an ad auction platform geared towards the retail and banking industry

Our broad experience with different classes of user data helps us perform massive transfer learning and maintain a large cache of specialised custom features

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